Cacáo Beans

Taste Adventure… Taste Straight from the Jungle

The kind of treasure you bring out by the rucksack, cargo pants pockets & a trunk. GL getting it all the way home. On the plus side, you can use it to bribe customs & other gatekeepers at various checkpoints.

The choice of chefs, chocolatarians & savvy sharp consumers like you, Landmark Wild Chocolate Reserve™ re-introduces the original authentic cacáo / cocoa / chocolate. For those who demand the finest & the wildest, Landmark™ sets the standard from pod-to-palette.

Comparable wines, single-malts, smokes, caviars & like specialties run $100+…  yet this cacáo is every bit as elaborate & worth it as all those for but a fraction.


Bests Organic

Wild cacáo from the rainforest…
because nobody nurtures like Mother Nature

Beyond FairTrade

Reciprocal Integration

Bargain Fare

'Mindful Money' investment 
in affordable luxury

Price is what you pay; value, quality & an experience are what you get.

Buying & enjoying wild chocolate creates renewable value for the Amazon that benefits local people & the forest ecosystem &, by extension, the whole planet.