The Landmarks

“There are paths that can be followed; and a path that cannot… it is not a path, it’s wilderness”

 — Gary Snyder

Wild Chocolate grows way off-the-beaten-path. Off-the-grid.

Rare & Wild Landmark Varietals

These landmarks shelter pure genotypes & rare flavor-cacáo. Their guardians – re: Bromans (tenders of Theobroma cacáo trees) — row, trek, hack & sweat their way thru jungle to pick wild cacáo.

Each tends to our most ancestral cacáo trees on mother Earth. Millennia in the Making.

Time-honored; time-tested; timeless.

Carefully selected & tenderly handpicked, then left undisturbed.

The kind of treasure you bring out by the rucksack, cargo pants pockets & a trunk. GL getting it all the way home.

Landmark Wild Chocolate Reserve™… so the world can rest assured that together we’re fostering the only planet with chocolate.

Origin & Production

Estimates run that 12+ original heirloom varietals exist. 4 are recovered — either in or awaiting harvesting. The remaining 8+ are pending recovery.


Varietal Status
Beniano Recovered & harvesting
Purus Recovered & harvesting
Newly recovered X Awaiting harvest
Newly recovered Y Awaiting harvest
8+ Add’l Varietals Pending recovery
Chart by Visualizer
  • Original total rainforest: 6 million sq. miles
  • Current rainforest: 2.4 million sq. miles

Current rate of deforestation ( sq. miles / year )

Number of acres canvassed for wild-harvesting